This is how an ARBONIES handbag is made


100% natural leather exterior.
The exterior of the bag is created with 100% natural and genuine leather, which provides a soft touch and an elegant look.

Adjustable handle made of 100% natural leather
The handle of our bag is adjustable and removable and is made of 100% natural leather.

Sides of colored resin and bark of poplar and oak wood, unique for each unit.
Each ARBONIES bag is unique because the resin design varies for each unit. The sides are made of colored resin and bark of poplar and oak wood.

Snap closure
The snap closure of our ARBONIES bags guarantees a secure and comfortable closure.

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100% natural leather lining.
The interior of this ARBONIES bag is made using high quality 100% natural leather, which guarantees a solid shape.

Pocket: Inside each of our designs there is a pocket to store your personal items.

Pieces made by resin and wood
From the inside you will be able to check the wood and Epoxy resin parts. Each one is unique and has the particularity that they are translucent, that is, they let the light pass through.

So depending on the place and time of day, your bag will look different.

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The importance of attention to detail

One of the things we like the most in ARBONIES is the attention to detail.

If anything characterizes us is our passion for things well done, different and our eagerness to always offer the highest quality in everything we do.

Before we started designing the collection, what was clear to us was that we were designing and working to present small works of art.

We were inspired by nature, that's why the collection is called Islas, but we wanted to transfer an art of interior design to the world of fashion, creating pieces that mix two elements: epoxy resin and wood. 

Each of our bags is different and unique, as we handcraft them one by one.

The pieces are the focal point and highlight of the bags.

By combining colored resin together with transparent resin, this technique gives the pieces their translucent characteristic, so, every day depending on the amount of light you will see your bag different but always perfect.

The materials are of very high quality and in the Blog section you can find an article related to the care that the bag should have.

Our intention is that it is a unique product that you can use not only throughout your life, but also as a gift to give to the next generations.

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