Join us in our quest for personal excellence through fashion.

Accessories are not going to change the world, but the people who wear them will.


We trust our work to people. We are one big family. Supporting the local economy and employment is one of our priorities.  

Created with the highest quality leathers, all our leather goods are manufactured in Europe, under the know-how of craftsmen who have been working in the sector for decades, guaranteeing excellence in all creations.

The close collaboration with our suppliers and manufacturers allows us to ensure product traceability.

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ARBONIES is a brand of exclusive sustainable accessories. We create bags from the creation of pieces formed by the exterior of the bark of the wood with resin and that we assemble using pieces of leather. 

We admire the power and strength of nature, and that is why this is our inspiration for our designs.

We seek to be different, to create unique pieces that have a meaning for those who wear them. 

 Making our customers feel strong, powerful, and unique is what we try to convey with our bags.

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When we came together to think about what we wanted the ARBONIES brand to be, we had one thing clear from the start: we wanted to work with special, unique people.

We knew that we would not be happy in our fashion venture if we could not satisfy the demand of those who value exclusivity, luxury, savoir-faire, and good taste in style. We wanted, at that time when we were consolidating the foundations of what is now a company, to reach those unique people who pay attention to detail, who love quality, because they know that it is precisely in that, in the search for exceptionality, where the sweetest taste in life is to be found.

With this idea in mind, we started this project. And, thanks to the support of all the people we work with and who have taken our mission as their own, we continue to create our exclusive handmade bags to enhance the social recognition and esteem of the people who buy them.

May you continue to believe in your value. May you never stop being unique.

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